Hydroponics Online Courses

  • Hydroponics is the art of cultivating plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water without soil. Plants are grown in an inert growing medium and perfectly with balance. Roots received there nutrients in a highly soluble form of pH adjusted solution thus, plants take food with less effort compared to soil wherein they have to search […]
  • Why study this Introduction to Hydroponics course? Set your hydroponics venture up for success with Careerline’s online Hydroponics A course. Horticulture and agriculture professionals and home gardeners alike will develop essential knowledge that will assist them to plan, establish, and maintain a hydroponic system. Whether you hope to upskill, become a more knowledgeable hobbyist, or […]
  • Develop your capacity to make informed decisions regarding the management of commercially significant hydroponic crops. This course was developed to cover key issues which have been identified as recurrent problems for many experienced growers. It is suitable for anyone who has either completed hydroponics I, or alternatively has significant prior experience. Course Aims: Determine and […]
  • Grow plants without soil in your own home! A great beginner’s course for those wanting to learn about hydroponics. Designed specifically for those wanting to use hydroponics at home.  Learn the theory behind hydroponic culture. Set up your own practical hydroponic system. Course Aims: Describe the nature and scope of hydroponic growing in a hobby […]

How to grow and cultivate plants without soil?

Study hydroponic online courses and learn the scientific art of cultivating plants without soil.

Hydroponic is simply the art of growing plants in a liquid nutrient solution instead of soil. If you have ever tried roots in water, you have probably noticed not all plants grow. Some will sprout while others will not. But after enrolling in this hydroponic online course, you will learn all the fundamentals, including feeding your plants and the best way to grow them.

Our Hydroponic online course teaches how to control light, humidity, oxygen, water, nutrients, and temperature. Also, students will learn to grow everything from fruits, vegetables, flowers to herbs in a small space. On top of that, they will learn about different types of hydroponics, pest and disease control, how to control diseases and pests, how to store, not forgetting how to manage plant nutrition.

Enroll now and learn more about hydroponics.