Learning is as much about your mind set as it is about your ability.

Do You Suck at Something You Love?

I’m sure many of you have made some new year resolutions, and since it’s now the 11th of January some of you might have even kept them!  Resolutions and learning do go hand in hand, after all, without the motivation and the decision to stick to something we would achieve very little.  My resolution this year is to accept my limits and work within them, and most importantly not get upset with myself for having those limits.

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The Importance of Purpose

By way of accident I ended up reading a book called Living with a SEAL.  It's about a guy who invited this super athlete to come and live with him for 30 days.  The athlete agreed as long as the guy did whatever he said.  So, it’s a funny story about uncomfortable...

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Studying Online Horticulture Courses in Australia

Students in Australia are absolutely spoilt for choice when studying horticulture online in Australia.  But, buyer beware, there are so many options it can be over-whelming and many students end up paying for courses they don’t really need or that aren’t really...

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Knocked Down, Get Up Again

I think by the time you're an adult learner, you've been knocked down and gotten up again a few times.  Maybe not so much for some of our younger students (how great is that!). Sometimes it can feel that's all you do.  But studies have shown time and again...

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What Determines Your Success?

The traditional assumption for many students and educators is that educational success is primarily determined by intelligence.  However, many studies have shown its simply not the case.   Why? Because your attitude is a far stronger determinate of your success. ...

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5 Tips for Online Study Success

By signing up for an online course you’re already showing that you’re a self-starter.  Studies have shown that online students have a higher degree of self-motivation.  Your task therefore is to keep yourself motivated.  This might sound a bit obvious, but enrolling in a subject that really excites you will help you finish.  Given a choice between a sensible but not so inspiring subject and something that really gets you going, we always advice the later.  Why? Because you’re more likely to finish your course and succeed, and nothing succeeds like success!  With success under your belt, the next course or step you take is more likely to be successful purely because your confidence will be higher.

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