Plant Variety Courses

  • The Fruit and Vegetable short course is a 20 hour short course that will give you the confidence and the knowledge to start your own fruit and vegetable garden at home. Get to know all of the in’s and out’s of growing fruit and vegetables at home, including the right plants to grow in your […]
  • Become a cactus expert with this 100 hr course You will learn the ins and outs of growing cacti and succulents in this fully tutored course.  Be guided by our expert horticulture tutors and get the most from your plants. Course Aims: Develop knowledge of botanical naming conventions and their application in understanding the horticultural […]
  • Learn about identifying, growing and using Australian Indigenous Plants for Food. There are many Australian plants that are edible, and even some that are in very high demand as foods throughout the world.  This course focuses on the cultivation of Australian bush foods and is suitable for anyone wanting to grow these plants commercially or […]
  • Learn where and how to grow tropical plants Create a Tropical Garden or Grow them as Indoor plants Propagate, Breed, Collect Tropicals -indulge a passion or start a indoor plant business Study many of the significant tropical plants including: Heliconias, Alpinia, Hedychium, Zingiber, Musa, Costus, Cordylines, palms and cycads, climbers, shrubs, trees, orchids, ferns, Aroids […]
  • Lean to grow a scented garden, or grow scented plants as crops for use in crafts, potpurri and more.  This course covers all aspects of plant types, cultivation, harvest, varieties and commercial applications. Course Aims: Know the plant naming system and the uses of scented plants. There are many ways you might classify scented plants. […]
  • Learn all aspects of Protea botany and culture in this unique home study course. Proteas would be perfect for use in low maintenance low water use gardens. Visitors to this is the same situation as natives. They will fit good in most Australian native landscape and garden styles, from large courtyard attributes. They will give […]
  • This course covers all aspects of the culture, propagation and commercial uses of Palms and Cycads. It is suitable for both horticulturalists and home growers. Course Aims: Distinguish between the characteristics of different types of palms and cycads. Determine general cultural practices, including propagation, for growing palms and cycads. Choose palms and cycads to suit […]
  • Orchids belong to one of the two largest families of flowering plants, Orchidaceae. Orchids are found globally growing in nearly every habitat including Macquarie Island and above the artic circle!  Growing orchids is challenging but worth while, and there are many tricks of the trade. Careerline’s Orchid growing course will help you to succeed in […]
  • This course will give you the opportunity to become an expert in this field. Perennials are gaining popularity – many are dry garden tolerant and as a result many people are showing an interest in growing and learning about such a diverse range of plant species. A great fully rounded course covering diverse aspects of […]
  • Learn to successfully grown indoor plants.  This is a course equally applicable to the professional interior plantscaper or the home owner (or interior decorator) who aspires to achieve the very best results with their indoor plants. This course along with Tropical Plants are suitable for those thinking about an Indoor Plant Business as well as those who are simply passionate about indoor plantings.
  • Develop your ability to select and cultivate appropriate varieties of Grevilleas in different situations.Grevilleas are a wide group of plants, all but seven species coming from Australia. They are widespread across Australia, occurring in both cool temperate, and hot tropical climates.There are around 250 species. About half of these are native to the south west […]
  • Study the different methods of growing and harvesting carnations. A serious course equally valuable to the home enthusiast or the commercial cut flower grower. You learn about growing quality carnations (planting, watering, pest & disease control, fertilizing), different ways of growing them (e.g. as row crops in soil, in hydroponics, in a greenhouse); and harvesting, […]
  • A detailed course for identifying, growing and harvesting irises.  This is a valuable course for anyone with a serious interest in irises either as a commercial grower or an enthusiastic home collector. Course Aims: Explain the taxonomy of Iris Explain the normal cultural requirements for different types or Iris. Breed and propagate Iris. Describe the […]
  • Learn about camellias and their use.   Beautiful camellias require little attention, once established, and yet there is so much to know about them. This course is a wonderful way of learning about the different groups of camellias (eg. japonicas, sasanquas, reticulatas), their special characteristics, and their culture. For amateurs and professionals; plant collectors, camellia enthusiasts, […]
  • Become an expert in growing and maintaining annual flowering plants”Become an expert with annual flowers. Learn to identify and grow them, to produce a continual blaze of colour through the seasons. An annual is any plant which completes its full lifecycle in one year.Generally annuals are grown in the garden for a period of less […]
  • Learn all about geraniums and pelargoniums.  There is more to Geranium and Pelargoniums than meets the eye! These wonderful plants have been seen on our window boxes for hundreds of years and are a big part of many garden lovers lives. Learn ways to maintain them to optimum performance. Learn how to avoid problems that […]
  • An intensive course on the growth and culture of fuchsias.  Learn everything you ever wanted to know about fuchsias, from soil management and feeding to pruning and propagation. Discover how fuchsias are classified into several major groups, the characteristics of those groups and how/where to grow different types to achieve the best results. Course Aims: […]
  • Learn about the identification, growth and application of ferns.  In this 100 hour course we take a detailed look at the identification and culture of ferns. There is so much more than meets the eye with these wonderful prehistoric plants. This is a course for amateurs and professionals; plant collectors and breeders,nurserymen, botanists, landscapers, gardeners […]
  • Identify and Grow hundreds of different Eucalypts.  This is a comprehensive foundation course on the genus Eucalypts covering identification, culture (propagation, soils, landscape uses, feeding), and uses. Throughout the course you build both a knowledge of the group as a whole, and of the range of species you can identify.Eucalypts are primarily natives of Australia; […]
  • Deciduous Trees are widely planted, particularly in temperate and colder areas of the world. They are very important for both amenity horticulture and forestry. This course is a great foundation study for new or experienced horticulturists, landscapers, arborists, nursery workers, gardeners, parks managers; or anyone else concerned with the selection, propagation, care, maintenance or harvesting […]
  • Understand the classification and use of conifers.  Eight lessons provide you with a systematic understanding of the way conifers are classified, show you how to identify the differences between types and develop your understanding of cultural requirements common to the whole group and differences in cultural techniques needed for specific types of conifers. Sections of […]
  • Grow your own carnivorous plants.  A boutique course for the horticultural specialist or serious hobbyist. This course examines the range and cultivation of carnivorous plants providing a sound introduction to carnivorous plants and how they can be used. Nine lessons cover a range of cultivated carnivorous plants, paying particular attention to the Pitcher Plants (Nepenthes) […]
  • Learn the ancient art of Bonsai by distance learning. Join the many who have learnt the ancient oriental art of bonsai through this practical and comprehensive course. Students learn about the history of bonsai, styles, suitable plants, how to create and maintain bonsia and more in this online 100 hr self paced course. Suitable for […]
  • Learn to grow azaleas and rhododendrons to perfection”Considered by many to be the very best plants a garden can offer, azaleas and rhododendrons are some of the most popular plants grown anywhere. The course shows how to grow them to perfection, and builds your knowledge of varieties available, to give you a long lasting display […]
  • Learn to identify and grow Australian Wildflowers and Shrubs.  Be surprised how many of these stunning and unique plants can be cultivated successfully as far afield as the UK, the Middle East and North America.  While this course is designed to follow on from Australian Natives I, it may be taken by itself if your focus […]
  • Australia has one of the oldest and most diverse varieties of plants of an country. Australian natives come from tropical areas to cold temperate snow covered mountains, and from inland deserts to fertile wet rainforests. Develop your ability to identify, select, cultivate and plan a management program, for appropriate varieties of Australian native plants, in […]
  • Packed with knowledge of the native trees of Australia”This course first teaches you about different types of Australian flora, plant identification, information sources, planting, feeding, soils, pests & diseases, watering, propagation and transplanting. The remaining lessons then deal with selected varieties of trees, windbreak planting, agroforestry, tree maintenance and tree selection. Course Aims: Identify Australian […]
  • Australian native ferns are amongst some of the most beautiful in the world.  In this course you will learn to establish stunning fern gardens for all climates. You will also learn which ferns occur naturally in Australia, how to identify them, where to obtain accurate information on them, how to propagate them, growing and using […]
  • A specialist course for African Violet enthusiasts.  Designed for the African Violet enthusiast, this course covers everything from potting and feeding, to pests and propagation. You learn how African Violets are classified, and cover the exciting range of varieties available. Here’s your chance to achieve outstanding results with African Violets. Course Aims: Describe how African […]
  • Learn about care and commercial growing of Acacias – the native Australian food crop In this course you will learn about the identification, botany, and culture (planting, watering, feeding, propagation) of the wattles. Around 50 species are studied in detail.  You also learn about the commercial uses of Acacias as building materials, food plants, for […]
  • A great course for anyone interested in growing lavender for hobby or commercial reasons. This course is aimed at those you are looking to start their own lavender farm but also equally interesting to the enthusiast. These lessons will equip you with the knowledge to start a new venture. Learn about soils and plant nutrition, growing new varieties of Lavender, […]

Become a reputable expert in plants by enrolling in this course.

We have a variety of plant courses for those with a keen interest in a particular plant. Our plant courses empower students with skills and knowledge, and practical experience to help them reach their potential.

Our plant courses include Azaleas and Rhododendrons Online Course, Eucalypts Online Course, Deciduous Trees Online Course, Conifers Online Course, Carnivorous Plants Online Course, Cacti and Succulents Course Online, Cacti and Succulents Course Online, and many more.

Some benefits of studying our plant course online include:

  • Will develop a deep understanding of how plants grow
  • Will be to identify diseases and recommend treatment for plant
  • Will be to describe a range of uses for different Australian native trees
  • Will learn in-depth details of different types of Australian native trees
  • You will be able to pursue a career as a specialist in plants

To acquire the skills and benefits of this course, enroll now!