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Starting a small business can be a rewarding vocation if done properly but there are many challenges. If you have never run a successful business before; you almost certainly need this course. You may already have ideas about a service or products you want to supply; but don’t set any of your ideas in stone until you first understand the business world and the market place; and take the time to go through a logical and careful process of assessing risks, and planning the launch and development of your new enterprise.

This course will teach you the approach to make your business start-up a success, and what to avoid in the early stages to bring your business inspiration to profit.

Course Aims:

  • Discuss the nature of small business and the skills required to run one successfully.
  • Explain the legal requirements, restrictions and the costs of running a small business.
  • Describe the different aspects and considerations associated with starting a new or buying an existing business.
  • Explain the marketing process.
  • Explain the importance of planning in the running of a successful business.
  • Explain the importance of record keeping and the principles of bookkeeping.
  • Determine sales and promotions strategies in small business.
  • Explain the importance of budgets.
  • Develop a business plan.
  • Implement a business plan.
  • Identify factors that affect profitability.


There are 12 Lessons in this course:

1. Introduction to Small Business

    • Types of business and communication.
    • Types of language.
    • Office equipment.

2. The Business World

    • Consultancy services.
    • Law and business.
    • The landscape industry.
    • Business letters.
    • Communication systems.

3. Your Alternatives

    • Different types of ventures.
    • Buying and starting a business.

4. Marketing

    • What is involved in marketing, advertising, selling, communication.[/learn_more]

5. Planning

    • Organising and planning to ensure the success of the business.[/learn_more]

6. Basic Bookkeeping

    • Financial statements.
    • Balance sheets.
    • Profit and loss statements.
    • Insurance.

7. Sales Methods

    • Selling.
    • Sales method.
    • Telephone canvassing.

8. Budgeting

    • Assets and liabilities.

9. Developing a 12 Month Business Plan

    • Protection.
    • Planning.
    • Production.

10. Implementing a Business Plan

    • Communication with employees.
    • Planning the development of the business.

11. Reviewing Progress in a New Business

    • Research
    • Evaluate and decide on business plan updates.

12. Improving Profitability

    • Increase profit
    • Reduce expenditure

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Liselle Turner

Liselle is a content writer and project manager. In addition to her background in advertising, she has worked in the learning and development industry (e.g. TAFE QLD, Mission Australia, Work and Income NZ). She holds a Bachelor of Business, a Diploma of Hospitality and Management, and a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.