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10 Things to Consider Before Enrolling in an Online Course


Not all online courses are the same!

Nearly everyone these days is offering an online course, and why not, it’s a great way to build your own or your business’ income.  With modern technology it’s so easy to create, host and sell online courses, with no investment in physical resources.   While this is great for the consumer it also makes picking the right course for you a bit more difficult.

I’ve worked in online education since the days when you had to hand code websites, that’s over 20 years. I’ve worked for universities, TAFE and private educators.  I’ve developed courses, written courses, worked as an instructional designer, taught courses and more.  I’ve seen a lot of fads and trends come and go.  I’ve written 10 points that I feel anyone enrolling in an online course should consider.  This will help you decide if the type of course is right for you and also cut through the marketing and hype to see what is really on offer.

The 10 ‘must knows’ include:

  1. Content
  2. Assessments
  3. Price
  4. Refund policies
  5. Delivery method
  6. Tutor support
  7. Accreditation/or not – does it matter?
  8. Marketing methodologies to make you buy
  9. Business/personality
  10. Why do you want to study?

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