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Study Care of Poultry through this online course

If you love or work with chickens then this course will help you increase the welfare and productivity of poultry.  This unique course covers a range of poultry including chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys and other poultry.  This course will provide you with a solid foundation for keeping poultry either professionally or for your own self-sufficiency

  • 100 hours study
  • self-paced, online, easy to follow
  • payment plans available.

You will learn:

  • Select appropriate poultry breeds for use in different production situations
  • Explain the techniques used in the management of condition including both feeding, and pest and disease control, of poultry
  • Explain the management of poultry as layers
  • Explain the procedures for the management of poultry as broilers
  • Explain the techniques used in the management of poultry incubation
  • Explain the management of brooding poultry
  • Develop management strategies for a poultry business



Your Tutor

Dr. Karin Dreyer-Haasbroek B.V.S. M.Sc. (Parasitology)
Karin Haasbroek

Karin’s love and passion for animals stem from growing up on a farm in South Africa. After gaining her Veterinary Science degree she worked in mixed general practice while completing a master’s degree in Veterinary Parasitology. Living and working in South Africa exposed Karin to a vast range of experiences in the clinical veterinary field: treating patients ranging from marmoset monkeys to lions to the everyday cat, dog or horse. Two years as a Laboratory Vet resulted in helping farmers tackling livestock health problems in a variety of farm production systems. Since her move to Western Australia with her family, Karin has been working in a small animal practice.

During her 20 years as a vet, she has been involved in several research projects and the tutoring of students in various fields of animal science. She enjoys mentoring students and sharing her knowledge and she loves helping students flourish and realise their full potential.