Aquaponics Online Course

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In this in-depth course you will learn:

  • aquaponics introduction,
  • animal & plant growth science
  • growing mediums and nutrients
  • fish & crustation culture
  • plant culture
  • aquaponics system management & setup
  • applications of aquaponics
  • troubleshooting & much more!

Why study this Aquaponics course?

Learn the skills required to set up your own aquaponics system with Careerline’s online Aquaponics course. Whether you have a commercial interest in hydroponics or aquaculture, or are a home hobbyist, this unique course will help you achieve your goals. This is an in-depth course covering everything you need to know before attempting your first hydroponics or aquaculture venture.

Whether you hope to upskill, become a more skilled hobbyist, or get a head start on future studies, studying with Careerline will have a positive impact on your future. This beginner aquaponics course will provide you with an introduction to aquaponic systems, and help you select the best fish, plants, and system for your needs. The skills you learn will prepare you to start your own successful aquaponics system for home or commercial use.

What will you learn?

Careerline’s online Aquaponics course provides a broad insight into the world of hydroponics and aquaculture. You will learn how to choose equipment and components that suits your aquaponics system’s purpose. Further, you will gain an insight into the science of animal and plant growth, and how to encourage and control that growth through nutrition. Aquaponics students will also learn how to select and manage the production of a variety of fish and crustacean species.

During your studies, you will develop an understanding of selecting appropriate plants for your aquaponics system, and how to prevent and manage pests, disease, and other problems. You will gain skills in managing and marketing a commercial aquaponics venture by conducting case studies and creating your own production plan. Finally, you will learn what to do if you encounter problems with pH, water supply, cloudy water, and more.

Who is this online Aquaponics course for?

Careerline’s online Aquaponics course is designed for anyone interested in creating their own aquaculture or hydroponics system. Hobby gardeners who want to become more self- sustainable, as well as aspiring agriculture businesspeople, aquaculture technicians, and horticulture professionals, will benefit from the skills gained from this course. You will be able to apply the skills you learn in this course to your professional life, helping you to broaden your skillset and advance in your career.

This online aquaponics course is also ideal for anyone with an interest in pursuing further study in aquaculture, agriculture, nursery management, fisheries management, or horticulture. You will be introduced to concepts that are taught in tertiary and vocational courses. This will help you to feel prepared and confident as you continue your academic and professional journey.



Your Tutor

Peter Palma B.Sc. Fisheries, Master of Science (Aquaculture)
Peter Palma

Peter’s expertise includes broodstock and hatchery management of high-value marine fish species and disease management in aquaculture. He is currently a researcher at a fisheries development centre where he studies advanced fish breeding techniques and environment-friendly mariculture operations. He studied fisheries science and fish reproductive biology for his bachelor’s and master’s degree, respectively. Peter has published research papers in his areas of expertise and serves as a reviewer for scientific journals. Over the years, Peter has visited fish farms in Australia, Canada and Southeast Asia, and learned first-hand how aquaculture operations are done all over the world.