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How to: Treats for Horses

Your horse may be the apple of your eye, but do you know how to safely give him a reward for good behaviour or just a treat because you love him? Apples, carrots, sugar cubes and peppermints are traditional favourites, but there are many more things your horse will love – and many that are […]

fecal count

Does my horse have worms?

Horses have evolved over millions of years with their parasites that they carry. In the wild, horses avoid accumulating large worm burdens by rarely grazing the same place repeatedly, instead ranging for 20-40km per day. But unfortunately, by confining our horses to fenced areas of land, large worm burdens can accumulate. Different species of intestinal […]

deworming horse

Deworming my horse – focus on IVERMECTIN

Horses consume most parasites while grazing. After entering your horse, some parasites burrow through your horse’s respiratory, circulatory and intestinal systems until they take up permanent residence in your horse’s large intestine. When left untreated, parasites cause inflammation, ulcers and damage to your horse’s intestinal lining and can contribute to colic, anaemia, and nutritional deficiencies. […]

Parents Guide Online Learning

Parents’ Guide to Online Learning

WE ARE ALWAYS LEARNING! Learning will not diminish, rather it will be enhanced by a rich and focused interaction between school and home This is a time of deep learning, of precious family time and authentic collaboration. Distance learning presents both challenges and opportunities for tutors, parents, and students. These recent years’ changing circumstances call […]

Online Study

Biggest Mistake Students Make

[ Editorial ] Online study, along with other commitments can be challenging, and we’ve all experienced the same problems.  Whether you’re wanting to start a small business, work at a vet clinic, or do your private counselling practice, you’ve probably struggled with exactly the same stuff that got me frustrated when I first tried an […]


Have a Hoppy Easter!

Easter is one of Australia’s most popular holiday seasons, with Good Friday and Easter Monday being public holidays in all states and territories. It also holds great significance for many people around the world, after COVID-19 impacted many activities since 2020. This year’s celebration is the perfect time to get together with family and friends […]

Daniel’s Lawn Care

One of our Green Keeping (Turf Care) students Daniel Savonoff, shared this wonderful clip, where he and Plant Doctor owner Adam Fitzhenry were interviewed! Daniel is also an ambassador at Plant Doctor, so anyone looking into purchasing environmentally friendly fertilisers and soil conditioners, can use the coupon code “DLC10” to receive a 10% discount! Link […]

New Years Resolution

New Year, but Same and Consistent Goals

Almost 2 weeks into 2022 and many people have declared their New Years Resolution. What’s yours? Perhaps a new fitness goal, or maybe starting a new career? Whatever it may be, it’s an annual ritual we all use to give ourselves a fresh, new start. Naturally, we don’t want to be in the camp of […]

Top Trending Online Courses

Careerline’s Top Trending Online Courses in 2021 [For Both Students & Working Professionals]

Top Trending Online Courses There are various kinds of courses available, and serving a multitude of purposes for different students: (1) to bridge the gap between different phases of academic study, or (2) to provide additional professional training and qualifications. There are courses in a wide variety of subjects, from Animal Health Care to Anatomy […]

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