Advanced Certificate in Aged Care and Counselling

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This Advanced Certificate has been created to satisfy the need for specific training by distance learning for those giving emotional support and care to the aged and elderly and their families.

Gain skills in:

  • Counselling the elderly and their families
  • Understanding the life changes experienced by people as they age
  • Understanding grief and its management
  • Understanding family dynamics and how best to support families.

The transition to old age as well as the illness and dramatic life changes experience by the elderly and their family can be very dramatic and sudden. Most families are unprepared for both the physical and emotional changes when having to cope with the transition to care and nursing homes, the changes in relationships and the sudden onset of ill health.

This is an open learning program suitable for those who are in situations to give advice, care and support to the elderly and their families. Our lessons are self paced and each modules runs for a duration of 100 hours, after completion of all 4 modules, you will then gain an ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN AGED CARE COUNSELLING.



Your Tutor

Karen Gail Ibanez, M.A. Clinical Psychology, B.Sc. Psychology
Karen Ibanez

In 2007, Karen Gail worked as a psychometrician where she administered and interpreted psychological tests in a private neuro-psychiatric clinic and was promoted to junior psychologist after two years where her role changed to psychological assessment and evaluation. By 2009, she started giving training and seminars to affiliate companies of the clinic that she worked for. By 2011, she was promoted again as an assistant psychologist and started with the counseling practice which is one of the clinic’s services. Most of clients she had was for anger management, career counseling as well as family counseling. She resigned from the clinic after eight years but was asked to serve as the clinic’s consultant.

In 2010, worked as an assistant professor in a university where she taught courses in psychology as well as philosophy but mainly focusing on Psychological Testing and Development.