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Course Showcase: Interior (Indoor) Plants


Recently the most frequently enrolled Careerline Horticulture course is Interior (Indoor) Plants – this got me thinking, Why?

Interior (Indoor) Plant 3Colourful, sculptural, varied, stylish they are the rising fashion in plants, the garden is coming indoors.

They are great for decoration, air purification and positive mental health, also fabulous for creating new collections, a hobby, and presents for friends and family. Interior Designers are including them into their palette, and many new students have enrolled because they are starting businesses selling indoor plants, and need to be sure of what they are doing, and how to advise their customers correctly.

In the current lockdown times, to be able to tend to houseplants, as well as try some windowsill veg growing is very rewarding – and can keep those unable to access the outdoors, in touch with the natural world. Depending on whether you live in the Southern or Northern Hemisphere will change the aspect that light comes from, and the months and seasons of flowering with some species.

Also whether the plants are from a hot climate, or a cooler climate – in hot climates, essentially shade loving plants are indoor plants, as houses are designed to be cooler and to give relief from the heat and intense light. Tropical plants will need a lot of humidity in their care program. Bear in mind that the cute little potted tropical plant that we buy in the store and take home, is often just a baby giant! Swiss Cheese Plant is not called Monstera for nothing!!

In cooler climates , plants that need warmer temperatures or drier conditions than can be provided outdoors in that location all year round are usually grown indoors.
So, please do take time to learn about the growing conditions that your new houseplant needs – they are not all the same!

For some real inspiration please check out James Wong, the Malaysian born ethnobotanist now living in London, England.
The Careerline course covers all the essential facts, and great oppo

rtunities to learn more about the ‘how’ of the Indoor Plant world and ‘who’ amongst the floral stars it.

Interior (Indoor) Plant 1 Photos courtesy of

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