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Custom Course Design (Self-Designed Courses)

At Careerline, we recognise that pre-arranged courses do not always meet your needs. To help you get exactly what you need, we provide a facility for a custom course design.

This means that you may select your own lessons/modules to meet your study requirements.

How do I apply for a custom course?

  1.  Carefully select the lessons/modules you would like to include in your course.
  2. Remember they have to make sense together as we will not accept a vague mix of courses. We have a FREE course advice for individuals who need some assistance in choosing the “right” courses.
  3. Ensure you have the correct number of modules for the qualification you’re after (e.g. Certificate courses can have 7-10 Lessons, Advanced Certificate courses have 4 modules).
  4. Email us at with the following information:
    a. Your name
    b. The lessons/modules you want to study.
    c. A brief description of what you want to achieve – This will help us make sense of your module selection.

One of our academic staff will review your application. They will either make suggestions or approve the application. Once approved, you will be given more information on how to enroll. If you also prefer a payment plan, please let us know and we can arrange this for you.

100 hrs = 1 course

Advanced Certificate
400 hrs = 4 courses

Advanced Program
1000 hrs = 10 courses

including Research Project I or II

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