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Equine Studies Online Courses: Course Showcase

Calling all horse owners, farmers, and equine professionals!

If you want to learn more about your favorite animal, you’re in the right place. Careerline Courses is proud to offer a range of high-quality online equine studies online courses, each focusing on different components of the care, breeding, and psychology of horses. Whether you’re an industry professional who wants to up-skill, looking for a career change, or passionate about all things horse, this list has something for you! Keep reading to learn more about taking the next exciting step in your career.

1. Horse Management I (Equine Husbandry Basics)
  • Course Overview: consisting of 7 Lessons, this introduces students to the basics of equine husbandry – from history of horse domestication and modern horsemanship (i.e. modern riding styles, breeds, and horse types), to the basics of caring for horses (i.e. studying their form, anatomy, genetics, classes, and genders).
  • Recommended for: Horse owners and equine industry professionals who want to improve their skills in horse care.
  • Possible Career Outcomes: Current or aspiring equine industry professionals, including farmers, farmhands, farriers, equestrian athletes, and equine health professionals will all be able to apply the knowledge learned in this course to their careers. You will become a more skilled and capable professional while advancing in your career and creating new opportunities to develop.
  • Link:
2. Horse Management II (Equine Herd Health Management)
  • Course Overview: This guides students through the process of creating a herd health management program. Consisting of 7 Lessons, students will develop an understanding of common equine diseases, as well as how to prevent and treat them – how to identify the signs and symptoms of common infectious diseases, parasites, digestive system disorders, and other common diseases. It also teaches how to administer basic first aid, manage both minor and life-threatening wounds, and put together your own equine first aid kit.
  • Recommended for: Beginner to intermediate horse owners, as well as current or aspiring business owners, farmers, equine retail assistants, farriers, and other industry professionals.
  • Possible Career outcomes: Professionals working in the fields of horse husbandry, animal science, farming, agriculture, and stable management can use the knowledge obtained from studying this course to advance in their careers. Horse Management II is an excellent starting point for aspiring animal scientists, veterinary nurses, and equine scientists who hope to undertake further study.
  • Link:
3. Horse Care C
  • Course Overview: will provide you with practical tools and skills to successfully manage and maintain the health of horses in your care (e.g. clipping, trimming, and plaiting manes and tails, caring for horses while travelling, and using of blankets, bandages, and boots). This 6-part Lesson course also has a business component that will provide you will the skills necessary to manage horse-related events and enterprises.
  • Recommended for: Students who already have a solid foundation of knowledge in the areas of horse care and wish to expand upon their skills; and students who have already completed Horse Care A and B.
  • Possible Career Outcomes: anyone looking to advance their career in the fields of horse care, events management, farming, agriculture, business, or animal science
  • Link:
4. Equine Behaviour
  • Course Overview: designed to teach you why horses behave the way they do, and how you can use their natural behavioural instincts to your advantage during training. You will learn about the factors that influence both normal and abnormal equine behaviour, including genetics, psychology, and perception. In addition, you will learn about social structure and how horses communicate with each other, including their sexual and reproductive behaviour.
  • Recommended for: Equine industry professionals, horse owners, and horse riders will all gain useful, practical skills while studying this course.
  • Possible Career Outcomes: horse trainers, horse owners, stable hands, farmers, and other equine professionals will be able to apply the skills they learn in this course to their chosen careers. You will become a more capable and knowledgeable professional while opening up new career opportunities for yourself. With further study, this course is an ideal stepping stone for anyone who hopes to pursue a career in equine science, veterinary technology, or animal science.
  • Link:
5. Horse Breeding
  • Course Overview: will provide you with a foundational knowledge of breeding your own horses. This course, with 7 Lessons, provides insight into the different ways to breed horses (e.g. how to select mares and stallions), care for their newborn foals, as well as their benefits and disadvantages (e.g. common fertility problems).
  • Recommended for: horse breeders, stud owners, stud and stable workers; anyone with an interest in animal biology or equine science.
  • Possible Career Outcomes: Horse breeders and stud owners who study this course will become more skilled professionals with a deeper understanding of breeding techniques, fertility issues, and pregnancy management. Stable workers, farmhands, and horse owners will broaden their knowledge of caring for pregnant horses and newborn foals. If you have an interest in animal science, ecology, or veterinary science, this course is a high-quality starting point for future study.
  • Link:
6. Advanced Certificate in Equine Studies
  • Course Overview: Careerline’s special bundle offer consisting of 4 modules: Horse Care I, II, III + 1 Elective (Horse Breeding or Equine Behaviour). This course provides our students with an in-depth and holistic foundation of equine husbandry and its practical applications. For the elective, you will be able to customise your learning experience by selecting a module that suits your needs and interests.
  • Recommended for: Horse owners, current or aspiring industry professionals, and anyone else who hopes to develop a comprehensive knowledge of caring for horses in a variety of capacities.
  • Possible Career Outcomes: Anyone who aspires to work with horses in any professional or recreational capacity.
  • Link:

Careerline’s courses are conducted entirely online and have no strict schedule (i.e. self-paced study with 1-2 years access). This means that you can study whenever, wherever, and however you like! Our students are supported by knowledgeable tutors throughout their learning journey, all of whom are experienced and qualified educators.

Are you convinced that studying with Careerline Courses is the right choice for you? If you want to find out more about Careerline’s Equine Studies online courses, or ask questions about any of our other courses, contact us today!

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