Green Walls and Roofs Online Course

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Why study this Green Walls and Roofs course?

Learn how to grow the wall and roof gardens you have always dreamed of with Careerline’s online Green Walls and Roofs course. Designed as an introduction to vertical gardening, you will learn the basics of planning, constructing, planting, and maintaining small- and large-scale wall and roof gardens. Whether you are a design or landscaping professional or an ambitious home gardener, this course will help you achieve your gardening goals.

Whether you hope to upskill, become a more skilled hobbyist, or get a head start on future studies, studying with Careerline will have a positive impact on your future. This beginner-level course will help you improve your knowledge of designing, planting, and maintaining wall or roof gardens. Your new skills will ensure you are prepared and knowledgeable as you start planting.

What will you learn?

The online Green Walls and Roofs course will provide an overview of vertical gardening, providing you with the skills and expertise to design your own. You will learn how to design and construct a sturdy and functional vertical or roof garden. Further, you will develop knowledge of the plants that grow best in wall and roof gardens, including climbing plants and other hardy plants. Building on this knowledge, you will learn about the process of cultivating adapted plants that will thrive in vertical and roof gardens.

In this course, you will be introduced to container growing, and learn effective methods of growing plants in containers such as baskets, window boxes, epiphyte plaques, and raised beds. In addition, you will gain skills in maintaining green walls and roofs by managing water levels, light, shade, humidity, and pests. Finally, you will study the art of landscaping both roof and vertical wall gardens for both aesthetics and functionality.

Who is this online Green Walls and Roofs course for?

Careerline’s Green Walls and Roofs course is ideal for both amateur and professional gardeners. Home gardeners of all experience levels, as well as professional gardeners, landscapers, and design professionals who would like to upskill, will benefit from studying this course. You will be able to apply the skills you learn in this course to your professional life, helping you to broaden your skillset and advance in your career.

This online vertical gardening course is also designed for anyone interested in pursuing further study in landscaping, garden design, sustainability, engineering, or horticulture.

Course Aims:

  • Discuss the nature and scope of vertical gardens and roof gardens in horticulture today.
  • Explain engineering considerations involved with the building of vertical and roof gardens, both on small and large scale projects.
  • Select appropriate materials and plan the way in which the non living components of the garden is created, in order to achieve an appropriate and sustainable installation.
  • Select appropriate climbing plants for creating vertical or roof gardens, and determine appropriate strategies to cultivate those plants, in a variety if different situations.
  • Select appropriate plants for use in vertical or roof gardens, which are tolerant of the adverse growing conditions, having natural adaptations to growing under conditions that are encountered in these gardens.
  • Select and plan the cultivation of plants that lack natural adaptations to growing on roofs or vertical gardens; but which are none the less required to grow in these adverse conditions;
  • Explain a range of container growing techniques, in a range of different roof and vertical gardens, that may be used with a selection of different types of plants.
  • Identify and evaluate problems with vertical and roof gardens, and compare options for solving those problems
  • Plan the development of roof gardens for both small and large scale applications.
  • Plan the development of vertical gardens for both small and large scale applications.



Your Tutor

Barbara Tremain BSc. (Hons) Horticulture, RHS Adv. Cert,. RHS General, City & Guilds Garden Design, Permaculture Level 3 (UK)
Barbara Tremain

Barbara brings to Careerline a wide range of horticultural experience and knowledge Barbara has a keen interest in herbalism, edible wild plants and has lead into studies of many plant based complementary medicinal systems, qualification as a Bach Flower remedy practitioner and studying Ethnobotany. Barbara has practiced and studied horticulture as well as combining it with her love of travel in many countries including the UK, US and Australia and has also studied Permaculture and runs her own horticulture business. Within the past two years she have also worked for Groundwork SW with 18-24 year old unemployed people, this work and the mentoring scheme has allowed me to teach informally. It has been a delight to nurture the interests of keen learners in horticulture and garden design.