Managing Innovation Online Course

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This online course in Managing Innovation will teach you how to transform ideas or products, adapting and producing goods or services that are better and more successful.

You will Learn:

    • Explain what innovation is, types of innovation, and how it may be used
    • Define creative thinking and explain its association with innovation.
    • Explain design thinking and its association with managing innovation.
    • Describe innovation as a process and its application to organisations.
    • Identify risk management strategies required when formulating new innovative products or services.
    • Explain different types of innovation.
    • Explain the purpose of journey maps as a tool in understanding consumer behaviour.
    • To explain how innovations are implemented.

Detailed Course Outline

This course is made up a number of lessons or units. Each of these has self assessment questions, a set task (practical homework) and an assignment which you can upload online.

There are 9 lessons in this course:

1. Scope and Nature of Innovation

    • Innovation VS Improvement
    • Why Innovate?
    • Types of Innovation
    • Adoption of Innovations
    • Developing Innovative Products or Services
    • Models of Innovation

2. Creative Thinking

    • Creativity and Innovation
    • What is Creative Thinking
    • What Make Employees Creative
    • Ways to Improve Creativity
    • Creative Thinking VS Critical Thinking

3. Design Thinking

    • Design Thinking and Innovation
    • Design Thinking Process
    • Association with Innovation
    • Applications of Design Thinking

4. The Process

    • Innovation Process
    • Continuing Innovation
    • Case Study

5. Managing Risk and Problems

    • Managing Risk
    • Risks Associated with Innovation
    • Scaling Innovation
    • Enhancing Employee Innovation
    • Innovative Identification of Risks and Risk Management

6. Types of Innovation

    • Innovation Types
    • Innovation Matrix
    • The Innovation Lifecycle

7. Prototyping

    • Why Prototype?
    • Product Failures
    • Types of Prototyping

8. Journey Mapping

    • How to Write a Journey Map

9. Implementation

    • Pilot Testing
    • Planning
    • KPIs and Tracking
    • Roll Out, Bringing to Market
    • Benefit Realization

When you have completed the lessons of your Certificate course, you will be given the option of taking the optional exam. It’s okay if you don’t want the exam, we still issue your Careerline Certificate. For Advanced Certificates however, the exam is compulsory (per module) and are included in the course fee.



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Liselle Turner Content Writer & Founder of SCRIPTIO | B. Business (Marketing), Dip Hospitality Management, Cert IV TAE
Liselle Turner

Liselle is a content writer and project manager. In addition to her background in advertising, she has worked in the learning and development industry (e.g. TAFE QLD, Mission Australia, Work and Income NZ). She holds a Bachelor of Business, a Diploma of Hospitality and Management, and a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.