Writing Reports and Proposals (Short Course)

$35.00 Inc GST

Best if paired with Careerline’s Business Writing That Works short course, students will hone their writing skills in order to produce effective written materials.

What to expect:

People regularly struggle with writing reports and proposals and this one-day course offers the techniques and tools they need to master this type of writing. Whether this involves producing a report on a product analysis, inventory, feasibility studies, or something else, report writing is a skill that will be used again and again.

In Writing Reports and Proposals course, students will learn four stages of report writing, and nine tips for effective writing that will help them create materials that are engaging and understandable. In addition, students will learn about using persuasive language as a means to get noticed and increase buy-in.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to prepare reports and proposals that inform, persuade, and provide information. And most importantly, these reports and proposals will get read.

You will be able to obtain a “certificate of completion” with your name and completion date on it.

Note: these short courses are self-guided online courses and are not to be confused with our tutor-supported online courses.


There are 12 Lessons in this course:

1. Course Overview

2. The Stages of Report Writing

3. Stage I: Investigating

    • Gathering Information
    • Let’s Get Thinking!

4. Stage II: Planning

    • Choosing a Report Format
    • Individual Activity

5. Stage III: Writing

6. Stage IV: Revising

    • Checklist for Success
    • Spelling Test

7. Using Headings

8. Using Charts and Graphs

9. The Proposal

    • The Differences When Writing Proposals
    • The Ten Steps of Proposal Writing
    • Writing Exercise

10. Persuasion

11. Practical Application

12. Giving Credit

    • Citing Sources
    • Bibliography Exercise
    • Recommended Reading List
    • Post-Course Assessment