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What is “ethics”? Ethics is a form of moral philosophy, or can be described as an organised approach to what exactly is right and wrong and from whom’s perspective.

This course is valuable.  Everyone in business, charity, work, employment, teaching, politics, families and more are continually confronted with ethical decisions.  Having a deep understanding of ethics and morality if a vital of defining who we are and how we make decisions.

Ethics is not just for human rights workers, it is for:

  • doctors
  • teachers
  • lawyers
  • decision makers
  • politics
  • corporations
  • charity workers
  • anyone with an interest in justice

Course Aims:

  • Understand the scope, nature and language of ethics
  • Demonstrate a capacity to argue varying viewpoints about ethics
  • Discuss how conflicting points of view might be rationalized in ethics
  • Discuss the virtues found or lacking in different people and groups of people
  • Identify how and why different people will choose to adopt one ethical position rather than another
  • Explain the social contract
  • Explain how ethics can be applied to determine and manage the rights of individuals
  • Explain how ethics can be applied to better manage the effective functioning of human societies
  • Explain how ethics can be applied by people in the work they do, on a daily basis and throughout an entire career



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Dr. Nicholas Harris B. Psychology (Hons I), PhD
Nicholas Harris

Nicholas is a social psychologist; he studies and teaches on topics involving group-level and individual-level behavior, as well as examining the effect of the situation. Nicholas has been involved in writing textbooks and research papers in psychology. Nicholas’ teaching experience is vast; he has taught social psychology, indigenous and intercultural psychology, statistics, research methods, psychological measurement and assessment, personality, organizational psychology, counselling skills, and ethics. Nicholas has also completed a number of short courses on counselling and suicide prevention, and has volunteered for a number of years with Lifeline. Nicholas has supervised a number of honours and master’s research theses.