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#StayAtHome: Fun Learning Activities You Can Do At Home


Education in Australia will look a little different for the foreseeable future. Many parents have suddenly found themselves having to be their children’s teachers, all while trying to work from home. Families are having to adapt to this new normal, but many are struggling to find ways to occupy their children while making sure they’re still learning what they need to. If you’re having trouble finding educational activities that your kids will have fun doing, you’re not alone! We’ve put together this list of super simple activities that will keep your children entertained while teaching them some important lessons.

1. Start a Herb Garden
If you and your little ones are sick of being cooped up inside, setting up your own herb garden is the perfect opportunity to commune with nature while learning some valuable lessons about food. Your children will learn about how plants grow, where food comes from, healthy eating habits, and most importantly, they’ll be able to eat the results of their hard work!

Herbs are perfect for young gardeners because they’re so easy to grow and care for. All they require is regular watering and exposure to sunlight. They’re also not fussy about where they grow – a pot of basil in your kitchen or a sprawling herb garden in your backyard will both produce delicious fresh produce. They’re also a nutritious and flavourful addition to any meal. Your gardening lesson can double as a home economics class when you use the results of your hard work to cook a tasty meal together!

Perhaps most importantly, tending to a garden has some great mental health benefits. Studies have shown that spending just two hours a week tending to and caring for the plants in your garden can have a positive effect on mental well-being. During this stressful time, we all need a bit of a mental health boost, so there’s no better time to start planting than right now!

2. Write and Illustrate a Short Story
Get those creative juices flowing! Encourage your children to practice their writing, drawing, imagination and motor skills by writing and illustrating a short story together. Let your children create a story in their favorite genre so they remain engaged and interested in the task. If they love dinosaurs and dragons, let them write a fantasy story. Or, if they’re a non-fiction fan, write about a famous person or historical event. If you’d prefer, provide your children with one of the age-appropriate writing prompts from Scholastic Learn from Home, who provide a wide range of resources to help your children continue their learning outside the classroom setting.

Then, have them illustrate each page to depict the events that are taking place in their story. Your children will learn how to construct a cohesive narrative, practice their research skills, and work cooperatively together as a team. When they’ve finished writing and illustrating, have your children read the story aloud to you. Reading aloud is one of the most effective ways to increase a child’s confidence in communicating their ideas verbally, especially when they are reading a story of their own creation. Letting them read to you in a safe environment they feel comfortable in is the perfect way to help them grow in confidence.

3. Train Your Pet
Is there any better way to spend a day than having fun with your furry friend? As it turns out, the time your children spend playing with their pets can be a valuable learning experience.

Encourage your child to do some research and find a guide on how to teach your family pet a new trick or two. Your child will learn about animal body language and emotions, and will quickly grasp the correct way to interact with animals when training them. They will also be able to improve their research skills, all while spending some much-needed time bonding with their beloved pet.

This activity is great for keeping your pet entertained too! Even during this chaotic time, it’s important that we spend plenty of time keeping our pets occupied and happy. A bored pet is destructive and distracting, drawing you away from your home office or study desk. Encouraging your child to spend time with your pet means that they can entertain each other – so you really can’t go wrong!

We hope we’ve given you some education inspiration for both the school holidays and the coming school term! If you’d like access to high-quality educational resources to help you set up these learning activities, have a look at Careerline’s online courses. We offer courses in Culinary Herbs, Creative Writing, Animal Behaviour, and so much more! No matter which activities you decide to try with your family, you’ll find a course to help you. Get in touch with us to find out more, and keep reading to find out all about the wide range of courses we have on offer. 🙂

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