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Cat Psychology & Training – Cats are not small dogs!


Dr Karen’s favourite course is Cat Psychology & Training.. find out why

It may seem obvious, but in order to understand our cat, we must first remember that cats are not just small dogs, and do not behave as such!

The family cat has a talent for being endearing, passive-aggressive, and emotionally unavailable all within an afternoon- who else in the household can claim to achieve this?

Cats are unique in so many ways, and getting inside the head of a feline is a challenge for even the most experienced of us.  In order to understand our cat, we must know what signs to look for, and how to interpret them.

Whether you are aspiring to work with cats, or simply understand your own cat better, then our Cat Psychology and Training course will be purrfect for you.  It will give you a good foundation for understanding how cats express their emotions, why they are displaying certain behaviours, and how we can create a low stress environment for our cat to eliminate undesirable behaviours.

Many of my patients in veterinary practice are cats, and interpreting their cues such as ear position, or vocalization, allows me to better understand what is going on emotionally for that patient. This is essential to being able to meet the emotional and physical needs of these wonderful animals.  Students who undertake work experience with cats in my hospital are best placed when they have a base knowledge of cat behaviour. It allows that knowledge to be applied in a practical setting, and enhances the experience for the student, and the patient.

If you think this course may be for you- jump on the link here Cat Psychology and Training Course, and find out more!

Dr Karen Catchpole

Animal Sciences Tutor

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