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Which Industries Are Hiring in Australia Right Now?


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It’s no secret that the job market in Australia has been particularly difficult to navigate this year. With less jobs available than previous years in many regions and an unclear future labour market, finding a job has been challenging for many. However, as some industries begin to recover, vacancies are starting to be advertised again. In this blog, we’ll provide some samples of industries currently hiring:

Where are the jobs?

The Labour Market Information Portal’s latest Vacancy Report provides us with valuable insight into Australia’s job market. Though Australia as a whole, and many of its cities and towns, have recorded a decrease in job vacancies over the past year, in other areas vacancies have increased.

The entirety of the Northern Territory, South Australia, and Western Australia have reported an increase of job vacancies advertised online in 2020. Much of regional New South Wales, as well as areas of regional Queensland, have also seen a rise in job advertisements this year. Tasmania’s online job advertisement rate has seen a small increase. Some areas haven’t been as lucky – the regions surrounding Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Brisbane, most of regional Victoria, and western Queensland have recorded declines in online job advertisements.

So, now you know where the jobs are right now. But, what exactly are the jobs being advertised? Let’s take a closer look:

1. Healthcare and Rehabilitation
Why work in healthcare?

Healthcare is a broad field with something for everyone. The best healthcare workers are empathetic, knowledgeable, and passionate about people. Since February, job website Seek has noted an increase in job advertisements in nursing, aged and disability support, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, psychology, counselling and social work, and dentistry. So, no matter your qualifications or experience level, there is a role out there with your name on it!

What opportunities are available in the healthcare industry?

Most positions in healthcare require a certificate qualification or bachelor’s degree. Some fields of healthcare, such as aged care and nursing, advertise junior paid roles for students. Healthcare also employs administrative and sales staff, which do not always require formal qualifications but are just as in demand.

How do I prepare for a healthcare career?

Before you begin your career as a healthcare professional, consider studying an online course to ensure your skills and knowledge are current. Careerline Courses offers a range of online courses in the field of healthcare, including Creative Therapies, Anatomy and Physiology, Aged Care and Counselling, and Sports Psychology.

2. Sales and Retail
Why work in sales and retail?

Working in sales is one of the most important roles in our economy. As a sales or retail employee, you help to match customers with products that will solve their problems and address their needs. You will develop interpersonal skills, learn the power of persuasion, and develop resilience. In some cases, sales positions are commissions-based. This means that your performance directly influences the bonus wages you earn. Because of this, sales is an industry with vast earning potential.

Right now is the perfect time to start your career as a salesperson or retail assistant. In the month of September, the Australian Government recorded a 7.2% increase in job advertisements for sales employees. The government’s Jobs in Demand Employer Survey also identified both retail sales assistants and sales representatives as one of the top 10 in demand occupations in September 2020. So, if you’re a determined, business-savvy people person, the perfect sales job could be out there waiting for you!

What opportunities are available in the sales industry?

There are many opportunities to climb the ladder as a retail employee or salesperson in Australia. You might start out as a retail employee or sales specialist. With time, hard work, and perseverance, you’ll have opportunities to work as a manager, and perhaps even own a retail business of your own one day.

How do I prepare for a sales career?

If you think a career in sales is the right fit for you, you’ll need to ensure your skills are up to scratch. To improve your sales skills and increase your employment prospects, we recommend studying Careerline Courses’ online Sales Skills course. You’ll learn essential skills you’ll require as a salesperson, including opening and closing deals, motivating buyers, and written and verbal communication.

3. Childcare

Why work in childcare?

As pandemic restrictions have lifted and family routines have started returning to normal, it’s easy to understand why demand for childcare workers is increasing. The Jobs in Demand Report published by the Australian Government identifies childcare as a growing industry, with demand for workers increasing between June and September 2020. In fact, child carers are now the second most in-demand occupation in Australia. Consider a career in childcare if you are caring, compassionate, and have a passion for teaching and learning. And of course, you need to love working with children!

What opportunities are available in the childcare industry?

Many childcare workers in Australia begin their careers as casual employees at childcare or outside school hours care centers. With time and experience, you will find opportunities to move into permanent roles. Eventually you will develop the skills required to own and operate a childcare center franchise or open your own independent center.

How do I prepare for a childcare career?

To work in childcare, you may need to study a certificate or diploma course. To supplement these studies and ensure you have the skills required to deal with behavioural and emotional challenges, we recommend Careerline’s online developmental, learning and behavioural disorders in children and adolescents course. Careerline also offers online training in educational psychology and play leadership.

We hope this blog has helped you make some big decisions about your future career. If you want to learn more about any of the courses featured in this blog, get in touch with Careerline today! Our friendly team is happy to answer any questions and help you begin your learning journey.

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