Advanced Certificate in Zoo Keeping Online Course

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This online course is designed for students who want to learn a wide range of skills and knowledge about Zoo Keeping.   This course covers not only zoo keeping, but also animal behaviour, and animal health care


About this Course

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Studying online courses in Zoo Keeping is an excellent idea for anyone wanting to get into zoo keeping or to build on your existing knowledge and skills.

This online course is designed for students who want to learn a wide range of skills and knowledge about Zoo Keeping.   This course covers not only zoo keeping, but also animal behaviour, and animal health care.  Students may choose one elective from the following modules: Primatology, Herpetology, Ornithology, Vertebrate Zoology, Marine Studies A (Or Aquarium Management), Wildlife Mgt or Diagnosing Animal Diseases.


There are 4 modules in this course:

1. Zoo Keeping

    • Careerline’s course in Zoo Keeping will introduce you to the various aspects of working in zoological gardens and safari parks and general captive animal management. You will learn about Animal Welfare, Animal Care, Diet and Nutrition, Forms of Enrichment to enhance well-being, Captive Breeding, Enclosure Design, Research, Education and Conservation in Zoos.

2. Animal Health Care

    • This introductory course is designed to give you practical understanding of common veterinary nursing procedures.  This course is suitable for anyone looking for a ‘foot in the door’ job with a veterinary clinic and who intends to go on and do further study, or even for those interested in basic animal care. By studying this course, you will gain valuable experience in understanding many aspects of Animal Health Care. Careerline Courses recommends that any student interested in pursuing an animal care career engage in ongoing volunteer work to gain the necessary practical experience. This course dovetails with many of our other animal care courses such as diagnosing animal diseases, pet care, dog care and others

3. Animal Behaviour

    • The study of animal behaviour (ethology) is considered important to the practice of training animals by consideration of their natural behaviours that may be suitable for specific tasks. Additionally, understanding animal behaviour contributes to animal training by means of understanding how to encourage desirable natural behaviours and discourage those that are undesirable. Understand why animals behave the way they do.  Learn to understand difficult behavior and techniques to deal with it.  This is a very useful qualification for anyone working with animals or for someone wishing to set up their own business.  Learn about the different influences on animal behavior such as genetics, biology and more. Careerline’s Animal Behavior course is suitable for anyone interested or working with animals, trainers, pet carers, zoo keepers and more.

4. Suggested Electives: choose ONE


Your Tutor

Dr. Karin Dreyer-Haasbroek B.V.S. M.Sc. (Parasitology)
Karin Haasbroek

Karin’s love and passion for animals stem from growing up on a farm in South Africa. After gaining her Veterinary Science degree she worked in mixed general practice while completing a master’s degree in Veterinary Parasitology. Living and working in South Africa exposed Karin to a vast range of experiences in the clinical veterinary field: treating patients ranging from marmoset monkeys to lions to the everyday cat, dog or horse. Two years as a Laboratory Vet resulted in helping farmers tackling livestock health problems in a variety of farm production systems. Since her move to Western Australia with her family, Karin has been working in a small animal practice.

During her 20 years as a vet, she has been involved in several research projects and the tutoring of students in various fields of animal science. She enjoys mentoring students and sharing her knowledge and she loves helping students flourish and realise their full potential.