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How to Make a CV for Writing, Editing, and Proofreading Jobs

Although portfolios of successful writing, editing, and proofreading projects and client testimonials make a great impression, creative professionals also need a CV when applying for jobs. This document must demonstrate your education, experience, skills, and ability to perform a certain task better than your competitors. It helps to create a custom CV long-form resume for specific job or contract applications.

Freelance writer.

A Freelance Writing ‘How-To’

With a sufficient grasp of language, business acumen, and enough drive and dedication, you can become a successful freelance writer on the Internet. Many people dream of becoming self-employed or starting their own business in order to escape the rat race and take control of their own destiny. If this sounds like you, explore the options outlined below. However, always start with a clear understanding of what freelancing is and whether you truly have what it takes to make a living as a writer.

how to get an isbn.

How to Get an ISBN

If you wrote a book and want to publish it for sale, you should get an ISBN. They are unique to a specific title or edition of that title. In other words, if you publish a book this year and then change it and publish it in a different format (i.e., ebook and paperback), you will need a different ISBN for each one.

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