Advanced Certificate in Equine Studies Online Course

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The Advanced Certificate in Equine Studies provides a unique, comprehensive opportunity for individuals interested in horses, horse care, and the horse industry. Individuals completing this Advanced Certificate program of study will gain a solid foundation in equine husbandry skills and practical knowledge.

There are 4 modules in this course – three core modules + one elective (choose from three):

1. Horse Care A

    • Domestication/Development of the Horse
    • Form to Function
    • Definitions of Movement
    • Teeth and Age Determination
    • Feet & Hoof Care
    • Horsemanship and Equitation
    • Basic Handling of Horses

2. Horse Care B

    • Review of Disease
    • Normal Health Parameters & Signs of Disease
    • Common Infectious Diseases
    • Parasite Management
    • Digestive System Disorders
    • Miscellaneous Diseases
    • Wound Management and First Aid

3. Horse Care C

    • Review of Digestive Anatomy and Physiology
    • Review of the Basic Nutrients
    • Factors Affecting Nutrient Requirements of the Horse
    • Feed Factors Affecting Feed Value
    • Feeding Program Management for Horses
    • Disease Related to Diet and Feed

4. Suggested Electives: Choose ONE


Your Tutor

Meg Anema M.Sc. Clinical Sciences (Equine Reproductive Physiology) B.Sc. Animal Science (Option: Equine Science) B.Sc.Agricultural Economics
Meg Anema

Meg grew up training and showing horses in youth and 4-H programs, and then went on to earn Bachelor of Science degrees in Animal Science and Agricultural Economics, as well as a Master of Science degree in Equine Reproductive Physiology. In addition to several years of industry experience as a Quarter Horse breeding farm manager and custom A.I. technician, Meg developed and taught for 10 years in a comprehensive, secondary Equine Science Studies Certificate program covering all areas of Equine Science. Meg considers the horse to be an absolutely incredible athlete and amazing study! Aside from tutoring Careerline’s Equine courses Meg has also taught various courses in equine studies including: Equine Nutrition, Equine Herd Health, Equine Sports Medicine, Equine Reproduction, Equine Industry, Principles of Horse Evaluation, Horsemanship, Applied Genetics, Introduction to Veterinary Science, Animal Anatomy & Physiology, Introduction to Animal Science and more.