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Meg Anema

M.Sc. Clinical Sciences (Equine Reproductive Physiology)  B.Sc.  Animal Science (Equine Science) B.Sc.Agricultural Economics

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Don’t hesitate, go for it, you wont be sorry. It’s a lot of fun, great learning and doing the work doesn’t feel like a chore. I now want to do more and more courses. Thank you so much Careerline Courses. Jacki Boxall

Equine Behaviour Graduate

Advanced Certificate in Equine Studies Online Course Sale!

The Advanced Certificate in Equine Studies provides a unique, comprehensive opportunity for individuals interested in horses, horse care, and the horse industry. Individuals completing this Advanced Certificate program of study will gain a solid foundation in equine husbandry skills and practical knowledge.

Equine Behaviour Online Course Sale!

This course presents an in depth study of equine behavior including psychological influences on behavior and how principles of learning are applied as effective horse training methods. Students will work through lessons over-viewing motivators of equine behavior, how genetics influence behavior, perception in horses and how horses respond to stimuli, social structure and communication behavior, […]

horse breeding course Sale!

This course is an advanced course that is designed to give the student an understanding of both the practical aspects of equine breeding with regard to management of the stallion, mares, breeding and their foals, as well as the management of selective breeding and genetic selection. The lessons presented include fundamental principles of horse breeding, […]


This course serves as an introduction to a broad range of topics in Equine Management. Topics presented include principles of horse psychology, basic horsemanship principles, considerations for buying and selling horses, functional anatomy and desirable conformation in horses, fundamental concepts in equine nutrition, feeding management recommendations, principles of pasture management, proper grooming practices, and an […]


This course provides a study of various management practices recommended for horse husbandry and especially for stabled horses. Lessons will present discussions on feed stuffs and feed management, stabling systems, recommendations for bedding and mucking out, basic principles of foot care and shoeing, considerations for conditioning horses, tack and the importance of properly fit tack, […]

Horse Care C Online Course Sale!

This course is an advanced horse care course that provides practical tools and recommendations for successful management of horses, as well as horse events and businesses. Topics covered include utilizing blankets and bandages to protect horses, principles of equine herd health management, clipping and trimming recommendations for competitive horses, transportation and management of horses away […]

Why Study Equine Care?

The relationship between horse and rider has been of enduring importance since the were first domesticated in central Asia (probably earlier than 3500 B.C.) Traditionally the use of horses has been military and commercial, but in modern times this has moved to a stronger recreational purposes and competitive uses (sporting and non-sporting).  Whether you are a recreational rider, a stud owner or just love horses, understanding the care and well-being of horses is essential for getting the most out of horse ownership.


Do you offer horsemanship courses?

While we don’t offer any horsemanship courses, we strongly recommend Warwick Schiller’s online video subscription and the new online Horse Training Course offered here Warwick Schiller Online Horse Training Course


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