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Spring Semester: Courses in Season


After a long and chilly winter, spring has sprung! We can’t wait to get outside in the sun and start spending more time in our gardens. Speaking of gardens, is yours in need of some love now that warmer weather has arrived? If you want your garden to thrive and stay healthy this spring semester, studying an online horticulture course is the perfect place to start!

1. Weed Control

If your garden, farm, or nursery has been invaded by unwanted weeds over the winter, this online Weed Control course will help you get them under control! You’ll learn how to identify common weed species that grow in your climate and location. You’d also cover study industry-standard methods of controlling those weeds, including both chemical herbicides and non-chemical techniques.

The course will teach you how to apply chemical herbicides in a way that keeps both you and your plants safe. You will learn which weed control strategies are suitable for different situations. Finally, you will find out how to create your own detailed weed control plan to keep your garden, farm, or nursery weed-free long-term.

Suitable for: from home gardeners with just a few pesky weeds, to horticulture and agriculture professionals with a significant weed problem.

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2. Australian Natives A (Introduction)

Have you always dreamed of growing beautiful Australian natives in your garden? Study our online Introduction to Australian Natives course for a beginner’s guide! While studying this course, you will learn about the classification of various native plants. You’ll also be taught how to identify common native species, like eucalypts, acacias, grevilleas, melaleucas, and other native trees and shrubs.

After learning how to identify species, you’ll study traditional Indigenous cultural techniques that will help you maintain your native plants. These techniques will help you to propagate, cultivate, improve soil structure, manage pests and diseases, and much more. Australian Natives A also covers the commercial applications of native plants. These include timber, tanning, and bush tucker, as well as growing natives in containers to sell.

Whether you live in Australia or internationally, this course will help you select the right plants for your needs, being designed for both home gardeners and commercial growers who live in any climate or locality.

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3. Landscaping Home Gardens

If you want to transform your dreary, overgrown backyard into a picturesque, relaxing haven, then Landscaping Home Gardens is the course for you! As a student of this online garden landscaping course, you will learn how to plan, design, and build home gardens for yourself or for clients. You’ll study the art of plan drawing and the skills it requires, as well as how to draw influence from historical garden styles for your own designs.

You will learn how to select the most appropriate plants, lawns and surfaces, and furniture for your needs. Our students also study strategies to manage pests and weeds, as well as planting and pruning techniques. After completing the course, you will have a sound knowledge of landscape design, and how to apply your new skills to design a home garden.

Suitable for: Home gardeners and aspiring professional landscapers

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4. Home Vegetable Growing

Do you want to rely less on grocery stores for your fresh vegetable supply? Growing vegetables at home might be for you! Our online Home Vegetable Growing course will help you get started. This course will help you to plan and propagate your very own vegetable garden. To do this, you will learn about the most common vegetables grown by home gardeners. You’ll also learn how to manage pests, disease, and weeds.

This course also covers hydroponics and greenhouse growing, which allow you to grow vegetable crops that are out of season. You will learn how to irrigate your garden and set up your own watering system. Finally, you will discover how to effectively harvest, store, and preserve the vegetables you harvest.

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We hope these courses will help you keep your garden in tip top shape this spring and beyond!

If none of these courses are quite what you’re looking for, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered too! We offer hundreds of online courses across a broad range of subject areas, including science, business, writing, and animal care. If you want to learn more about any of the courses featured in this blog, get in touch with us today!

We are always more than happy to answer your questions 🙂

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