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If you’re the parent of a middle or high school student, your educational world has likely been turned completely on its head over the past few months. Many parents have, either by choice or necessity, made the switch to learning from home or homeschooling. While there are many upsides to making the switch, one thing that many parents struggle with is finding the right learning resources for their child’s needs.

Whether you want to make sure your child is well-versed in traditional learning areas like Math and Science, Business, and Writing; or let them explore their niche interests, Careerline Courses got you covered! These courses are perfect for adult learners, too, so you’ll love learning with your child. Whether you are brand new to the world of homeschooling or an old hand, these high-quality online resources will help you personalize your child’s learning experience.

1. Writing and Editing

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Writing
  • Course overview: If you or your child is an avid fan of all things fantasy, then Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Writing is the course for you! Learn about the stylistic fundamentals of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. You will come away from this course understanding how to construct your own consistent fantasy universe that draws audiences in! This course is best suited to students with at least a basic understanding of creative writing and English grammar.
  • Recommended for: 15 years and over
Improving Your English Grammar (Short Course)
  • Course overview: The Improving Your English Grammar short course is ideal for students who hope to improve their written and verbal communication skills. You will study the basics of English grammar, including punctuation, style, and sentence structure. You’ll be able to apply your new-found skills not only writing assignments and giving presentations, but also outside the classroom in social settings. Both native English speakers and students who are learning English as a second language will benefit from this course.
  • Recommended for: 11 years and over
Creative Writing
  • Course overview: Does your child love writing stories and want to improve their abilities? Then the Creative Writing course is the perfect fit! Your child will learn how to develop ideas, establish narrative themes, and write clearly and effectively. The skills your child learns in this course will assist them when completing school assessment, including feature articles, monologues, literary analyses, and narrative fiction.
  • Recommended for: 13 years and over

2. Science and Mathematics

  • Course Overview: Your science enthusiast middle or high schooler will love this Physics course. During their studies, your child will expand on their existing scientific and mathematical knowledge to learn about the forces that define our universe. They will learn about thermodynamics, electricity, energy, light, nuclear physics, and astrophysics, as well as basic algebra.
  • Recommended for: 13 years and over
  • Course Overview: Any child with an interest in math, science, or business will benefit from the knowledge they gain from our Statistics course. Your child will learn how to analyse and interpret data using various statistical methods. They will also become familiar with terminology used by statisticians and data analysts.
  • Recommended for: 13 years and over
Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Course Overview: If your child is curious about the human body and how it works, they can learn all about it with our Human Anatomy and Psychology course. Students learn about the different systems of the body, such as the nervous, skeletal, muscular, and digestive systems, and what their functions are. This course will also teach your child the scientific names of bones, muscles, and other body parts.
  • Recommended for: 11 years and over
Earth Science
  • Course Overview: Curious young scientists will love our Earth Science course! Your eager young learner will study the elements that make up our world, as well as common rocks and minerals. This course also covers climate, atmospheric conditions, and weather patterns, as well as environmental issues that affect the health of our planet.
  • Recommended for: 11 years and over

3. Business and Law

Business Studies
  • Course Overview: If your child dreams of owning their own business, the skills they learn in our Business Studies course will set them up for a successful career. Students of this course learn about establishing a new business, managing teams, and communicating effectively with others. They will also study financial management and basic marketing techniques.
  • Recommended for: 11 years and over
Marketing Foundations
  • Course Overview: If your student hopes to pursue a career in marketing, advertising, or entrepreneurship, then Marketing Foundations, then this is the right course for them! Your child will learn how to select target markets, implement the 4Ps of marketing to create a strategy, and conduct market research. No prior marketing knowledge or experience is required to study this course, so it’s a perfect choice for young learners.
  • Recommended for: 11 years and over

4. Psychology and Counselling

Child and Adolescent Mental Health
  • Course Overview: This Child and Adolescent Mental Health Course is ideal for young people with a keen interest in their own psychology. In this course, students learn about common mental health problems that affect children and teenagers, including depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. As well as preparing students for future study in psychology, this course can provide young people with insight into mental health conditions that affect themselves and their peers. Young students can become more capable of monitoring their own mental health and understanding when and where to seek help if they need it.
  • Recommended for: 13 years and over
Introduction to Psychology
  • Course Overview: Young people with a keen interest in the psychology of humans and animals will love our Introduction to Psychology course. This course explains the very basics of psychological theory, including behaviour and the environmental and neurological factors that influence it. Your child will also learn about personality theory, perception and consciousness, healthy and unhealthy psychological development, and human drives and motivation.
  • Recommended for: 13 years and over
  • Course Overview: This Biopsychology course allows your child to combine their interests in psychology and biology. While studying, your child will come to understand the relationship between our minds and our bodies. Students learn about senses, emotions, consciousness, and the nervous and endocrine systems.
  • Recommended for: 11 years and over

5. Hospitality

Event Management
  • Course Overview: Does your child love attending festivals and major events? Our Event Management course allows students to develop an in-depth understanding of the tasks and processes behind staging large events. Students of this course learn about all aspects of event management and planning, including risk management, event marketing, managing finances, and venue selection.
  • Recommended for: 15 years and over
Food Preparation
  • Course Overview: Home cooks and aspiring young chefs alike will benefit from the skills taught in the Food Preparation (Foundations of Cooking) course. Your child will learn about the major food groups, including how to prepare and cook them, as well as their nutritional value. Additionally, students of this course learn how to season food appropriately and plan meals and menus.
  • Recommended for: 11 years and over
Tourism: Introduction
  • Course Overview: If your child has big dreams of touring the world or working in the travel industry, there’s a high chance they’ll love our Tourism: Introduction course! This course will develop your child’s skills in tourism planning and management by explaining how the industry functions and the services it provides. Your child will complete this course with a thorough understanding of planning domestic and international tours for themselves and for other people.
  • Recommended for: 13 years and over

6. Health Science

Sports Nutrition
  • Course Overview: If your child is passionate about sports and optimizing performance, they’ll benefit from studying the Sports Nutrition course. Your child will learn about how nutrition relates to sporting performance, and how they can improve their own performance. Additionally, students learn about the different types of sporting diets that are appropriate for different athletes and occasions. This course will prepare your child for a career in the fitness industry.
  • Recommended for: 15 years and over
Children’s Nutrition
  • Course Overview: Help your home learner to better understand their own nutritional needs with the help of our Children’s Nutrition course. Child Nutrition students learn about the importance of eating healthily for childhood development, and the components of a healthy diet for infants, children and adolescents.
  • Recommended for: 13 years and over

7. General Learning

If you’d rather steer clear of traditional school subjects and take a different path, we have plenty of options for you, too! Check out these courses if your child wants to extend themselves and learn more about their specialist interests:

  • The Animal Behaviour and Introduction to Dog Training are perfect for students of all ages with a passion for pets. You or your child will develop a deeper understanding of why animals behave the way they do, then use that new-found knowledge to learn effective methods to train your beloved furry friend.
  • If scaly sea creatures are more up your alley, then our Marine Studies A course is for you. Middle schoolers, high schoolers, and adult learners alike will love learning about life under the sea, including marine ecosystems, bony fish, shellfish and crustaceans, and marine mammals.
  • The young green thumbs of the world will love our Introduction to Horticulture and Home Vegetable Growing courses! You, along with your middle and high schoolers, will learn how to grow decorative flowers and trees, as well as fresh produce that you can use in your own kitchen. Plus, you’ll learn all about plant biology and food technology along the way!
  • If your child is passionate about our planet and its inhabitants, our Climatology (Climate Science) course will help them to deepen their understanding. They will study the earth’s ecosystems, atmosphere, and climate, and how they sustain human and animal life.
  • Children and young adults who dream of living in rural will love our Sustainable Agriculture and Farm Management courses! Students of these courses learn about managing commercial and hobby farms that are economically and environmentally sustainable.

We hope this extensive home learning resources will help you and your children make the most of their time studying at home. If you are interested in learning more about these courses, or any of our other offerings, GET IN TOUCH with our friendly CS team for a free info pack.

We wish you all the best as you continue along your online learning journey!

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