Advanced Certificate in Coaching Online Course

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Do you have a passion to help other achieve their best in life, career or business? If so this is life coaching course for you!

Imagine being able to provide a comprehensive all round coaching service offering your customers the range they need to excel in all areas of life.  This course is designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to provide the best services and range for your clients. Students complete one core modules and select three electives from a range of 9 courses to provide further specialization in areas such as sports psychology and weight loss consulting.  Enroll now and get started on your new career!

Detailed Course Outline

This life coaching course is made up of a number of lessons or units.  Each of these has self assessment questions, a set task (practical homework) and an assignment which you can upload online.

This course consists of four (4) modules:

Life Coaching

    • Introduction
    • Individual Perception
    • A Well Balanced Life
    • Coaching Processes
    • Coaching Skills
    • Coaching and Physical Well-Being
    • Coaching and Psychological Well-Being
    • Coaching Success
    • Goal Setting
    • Review and Adjustment

Electives – Choose THREE

When you have completed the lessons of your Certificate course, you will be given the option of taking the optional exam. It’s okay if you don’t want the exam, we still issue your Careerline Certificate. For Advanced Certificates however, the exam is compulsory (per module) and are included in the course fee.


Your Tutor

Jodie Walpole Bachelor of Applied Science (Food & Nutrition), Advanced Practitioner in Life Coaching
Jodie Walpole

Jodie is a qualified Nutritionist and Advanced Practitioner in Life Coaching.

Jodie brings to Careerline over 15 years corporate nutrition and health experience as a result of working for several large multinational food and beverage companies. Jodie is passionate about all aspects of nutrition, health and wellness with particular interest in weight management and childhood obesity.

More recently Jodie completed her Advanced Practitioner of Life Coaching course and is a certified Life Coach with hours of practical experience. As a Life Coach Jodie enjoys working with clients to close the gap between where they are currently in their lives and where they want to be.

Jodie is also an experienced tutor enjoying the challenge of working with students to reach their full potential.