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If you are interested in helping others be healthy, we can help you.  Gain a nutrition certificate in children’s nutrition, weight loss nutrition and more.  Start a business, start a career or just help people you know.  All our online nutrition courses are supported by our friendly, expert tutor Jodie Walpole Bachelor of Applied Science (Food & Nutrition), Advanced Practitioner in Life Coaching,  Cert IV in Business.

All of our courses are offered online with printed notes available, with unlimited tutor support by email from our qualified, friendly tutors. Find out more or receive your free info pack by emailing us at or call us on 1300 172 882.

Advanced Certificate in Weight Loss Management Online Course Sale!

This practical self paced online weight loss course will not just teach you the secrets of weight loss, but also how to help others lose weight and how to start your own weight loss consultancy.  Be guided by your tutor as you work through the modules. Accreditation:       There are four modules covered […]

Children's Nutrition Online Course Sale!

This course/module will enable you understand all aspects of childhood nutrition and deal with them. It is an ideal course for people working with children in the child care industry. It is also a good course for mothers wanting to understand their children’s nutritional needs and learn to cope with them or for self enhancement. […]

Online nutrition course. Sale!

Get a strong foundation in human nutrition basics with this online nutrition course This self paced online nutrition course will be your first step toward an in deep understanding of human nutrition. This course is highly recommended for any one wanting an introduction to the field of human nutrition either to go on and do […]

Human Nutrition B Online Course Sale!

This course provides an understanding of the sources, actions, and interactions of nutrients from the food that we consume.  Looking at the interaction of the nutrients in foods and what makes up a balanced diet. Excellent for anyone interested in nutrition and health for themselves, for work or to help or counsel others. Course Aims: Determine appropriate […]

Human Nutrition C Online Course Sale!

Understand the chemistry of food and the effects of food additives Very few people can maintain a good state of health without being aware of the effects of bad nutrition and food additives such as artificial flavours and colouring In this course you will explore the methods to balance a diet, the things and combinations […]

Medical Terminology Online Course Sale!

A special course designed for people working or wishing to work in medical environments, with no medical training, to develop skills to communicate clearly and effectively using medical terminology. This course is relevant to anyone working or wishing to work in fields of health, alternative medicine or paramedical areas; such as reception for a doctor […]

Study online nutrition course for the best nutrition certificates.

Learn to determine how to eat for better health This will help you to improve your own well-being, and advise others as well. You may simply be a parent or spouse wanting to improve the health of your family; but you might also be someone who works in a health food shop, a fitness club, […]

Sports Nutrition Online Course Sale!

This course is suitable for anyone with a passion for sports and those involved in coaching and performance.  Nutrition is now an essental part of any athletes conditioning. Develop your understanding of the way nutrition relates to sporting performance. Help sportsmen and athletes manage their diet Improve your own performance in sport Expand your career […]

study nutrition online. Sale!

In this unique course you can learn how to manage eating patterns to help the body heal from common complaints, to manage conditions and to complement other treatments in response to health issues.  Study therapeutic nutrition and be supported by our friendly expert tutors.  This course is online and self paced and should take approximately […]

Weight Loss Consultant Online Course Sale!

Learn to be a Weight Loss Consultant – start your own business! Learn to help people be their best and lead healthier lives Suitable for students who want to work for themselves or others Study from home at your own pace If you are passionate about helping people lose weight and start leading healthier more […]

Yes, [it was valuable] because i have learnt new knowledge and gained more information on sport nutrition and how the body responds to and develops from nutrition, particularly in sports…

Lilian Nasta

Sports Nutrition Graduate

I loved the whole course and all the assignments I learnt so much!

Sarah Cassy Cormick

Weight Loss Consultant Graduate

Why study an online nutrition course?

Studying an online nutrition course is an ideal way to get started.  Online learning is flexible, easy and our courses are self paced!  Its also a great way to start off without over committing to long expensive courses. Careerline’s nutrition certificates are easy to follow and are supported by our resident nutritionist Jodie Walpole.


What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is the study of the nutrients contained within food, how the body can best absorb the nutrients and how it uses the nutrients to maintain body systems and functions.  Good nutrition is essential for the health of everyone and can play a major role in recovery from disease and ill health.


Can I work as a Nutritionist?

As nutrition practice is not a government regulated industry In Australia, basically anyone can legally call themselves a nutritionst, a weight loss coach, food coach, nutrional counsellor etc.  We would recommend that you eventually consider doing a Diploma in Nutrition as a minimum.  Many diplomas also have pathways in to various health science degrees.   We consider our courses to be excellent stepping stones on such a journey.


Who are these courses for?

They are great for anyone with an interest in nutrition and health, of course!  Our online nutrition courses are perfect for people who just want to learn a bit more, or are considering a longer pathway of study but want to try studying before committing further.   Additionally if you are more interested in coaching people into healthy eating then we can certainly help you too.


Which courses are recognised?

We have several of our online nutrition courses recognised by the IICT (a non-government industry recognition program).  This means that upon completion of the course you can join the IICT and gain access to their indemnity insurance options.

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